Back to Work

I’m finishing up my short vacation by watching the VMA awards. It seems that Barack fans are all over the place. McCain is my man though.  Britney just got her 2nd award and she funbled a little bit when she opened the show although she still looks great and better than her last stage performance.

Check out the McD’s sweet ice tea which sells for a cool $1.  After awhile, it taste close to Tito Benj’s gulaman and I hope they keep it in their menu. I’m going to check out Taco Bell’s Volcano Taco. Looks like a good deal for 89 cents.

Patricia was in town last week and it was nice of them to pass by. Mom and Tita Alma left today for the Philippines for a one month stay. Tropical storm Hannah passed by NJ but did not do a lot of damage. Summer is over and we’re enjoying the last few weeks of warm weather.