Jon Fritz videos

I’ve posted a couple of videos on My YouTube Videos from Jon Fritz’s high school graduation where he played with his mom and his acceptance speech at the Rotary Club when he was named student of the month.


My Podcast Subscriptions

I subscribe to the following podcast on my iPhone. You can watch them online too.

Periodic Table Videos

An interesting approach to Periodic Tables.

Firefox 3

I’ve been using firefox 3 since it was released and I’m glad to say that they finally have a version that persuaded me to switch from Internet Explorer. I just find it so much faster. It also helps to set up your menus properly.

Right-click on where the icons are on top and select customize. Drag the following icons to your icons tab – Bookmarks, New Tab, History, Print. Change the Show option to Icons and Text and click Use Small Icons.  This makes the most commonly used features available anytime. When you click on the Bookmarks icon, it opens a bookmarks window on your left panel. You can toggle this on and off so this makes it easy to click on bookmarks. Click on New Tab and then click on your bookmarks link to open the link on a new tab.

Another useful function is the Edit-Find option. Select Highlight all and as you type in a word, it will higlight the word anywhere it finds it in the page you are browsing.

Benjie’s Birthday Celebration

July 19, 2008



Our House

Check it out!

Day One

The last few weeks have been busy with family from Atlanta and CA visiting for Tito Benjie’s 60th birthday celebration. Trips to Atlantic City, Delaware and NJ/NY spots were accomplished.  It was great to hook up with the Mendoza’s and Eloriaga’s, Yethie and Mommy. We also celebrated the newest addition to our family, Virginia Clare Mendoza Stanelle.